Monday, January 29, 2007

eBay Hijacker Fraudulent/Fake Domains & Log On Pages

The following are fake domains and log on pages that were primarily found in eBay listings or in fake eBay invoices, however, they were also found through other sources and may be found on other transactional websites. Primarily included in this blog entry are fake on-line stores, fake escrow companies, fake shipping companies, fake banks, fake charitable organizations, and fake domains used to generate fake invoices in an attempt to legitimize transactions and make them appear as if the fake invoices and communications are from eBay.

The more sophisticated thieves that have hijacked accounts on eBay or listed items on other transactional websites want to give the perception that they do not accept instant money transfers such as Western Union and Moneygram directly. They give the appearance that they are honest by suggesting that the buyer pay for the transaction through either an escrow service or a shipping service, and that the seller will not receive the funds until the buyer receives the item. The websites for the escrow services and shipping services are run by the same thieves. Therefore, if you are referred to one of the websites listed below, do not go through with the transaction.

Check the registration information of a domain by using the tools on a site like Domain Tools. Legitimate businesses register their domains for more than one year. Read the Who Is record carefully; then look at the website in question and see how long it proclaims to be in business. Check the online telephone books and see if the business has a listing. Check with the Better Business Bureau, state Attorney General's Office, Secretary of State's Office, and the applicable state licensing boards to verify that the business exists. If there are red flags, it most likely means that you have come across a fraudulent domain.

Another site to check to see if a domain is fraudulent is Artists Against 419. The volunteers at Artists Against 419 maintain a current and very large database of fake domains.

These thieves are scam artists and they will lie to you; they are ready to take your money and you will get nothing in return. Do not enter into any transactions with the people that operate the fake domains listed here; cease all communications immediately. If you have already entered into a transaction with any of these thieves and sent money through instant money transfer services, such as Western Union or Moneygram you have no recourse to get it back.

If you have provided your user ID and password on any of the fake log on pages, make sure that you immediately run your anti-virus and spyware protection software programs and then immediately change your password.

Do the research and use all of the tools available to you so that you do not get scammed. Remember the adage A fool and his money are easily parted. Do not become a fool.


yeeliberto said...

I wanted to say trhanks to this page, because i felt that an email was fake, fisrt because of the price and then of the quality of the email. I was checking the email address on internet and it was in the list of this blog. In addition I sent the spoof email to ebay and they confirmed it.

sabas said...
is fake!

virtualdvisor said...

i received an authentic looking e-mail with realistic logo and adverts on it, until i looked closer and noticed the e-mail address looked odd. so i pasted the webpage onto my browser and this brought me to a google serch page featuring yours and other fraud alert sites.


"FROM: Yorkshire Banking

SUBJECT: Message Alert - You Have 1 Unread Message

Dear Valued Customer,
You have a new message waiting in your Inbox Folder.

Click here to read.

Best Regards.

The Yorkshire Bank Security Department Team.

* Please do not reply to this email as your reply will not be received.

" 2007 Yorkshire Bank. All Rights Reserved.
| Services Agreement | Terms of Use | Contact Us |"

tarantuladinploiesti said...


ich habe auf der seite und eingekauft und natürlich die Sachen nie bekommen.Ich würde mich bedanken wenn Sie die 2 Seiten zu der Liste hinzufügen könnten um die anderen zu warnen.

Mit freundlichem Gruß Florin

Anonymous said...

Add to the list:

I was the latest victim



Anonymous said...

Good for you. My job for 20+ years was to prevent people getting caught so you have my full backing (for whatever that is worth). I found you simply because I was having a laugh at the morons on Scamorama (that is the guilty) and the clever ones who kept them guessing. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

another fake... be careful as it's still working!

Holly said...

does anyone know if ITC-expresslines Ltd is a fake. Im supposed to be getting a mini cooper delivered from italy from them but things are starting to seem a bit shadey!! there apparent website is...

please someone get back to me ASAP!

dalmation1978 said...

what about this shipping company looks like another one the scammers are using. thank you They were using it to scam on a large ticket item