Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Nekkid Truth Blog Announces New Event Ticket Verification/Validation Service for eBay Members

Effective immediately, The Nekkid Truth blog is now offering an event ticket verification/validation service for eBay members. This service has come about because of the number of bogus event ticket listings offered on eBay, and will offer all eBay members confidence when both selling and bidding on/purchasing event tickets. eBay will not implement a mechanism to verify/validate that event ticket listings are genuine, so we are offering this service.

The Nekkid Truth blog and Team Whack a Hack have reported over 150,000 bogus ticket listings to eBay, consisting of over 20,000 bogus Superbowl listings, 5,000 UEFA Champions ticket listings, Disney Hopper tickets, and other sports and concert tickets. We bring a great deal of experience to the table and can immediately recognize both fraudulent and genuine ticket listings, along with fraudulent listings in all other eBay categories.

This event ticket verification/validation service benefits both the bidder and especially the sellers that do not have a track record selling event tickets.

This is how the service works:

eBay Seller:

1. The eBay seller must have the event tickets in hand in order to use this service.

2. This service is only offered to eBay sellers that have paper tickets, with alpha/numeric section/seat numbers for sale. The event, date, time and location of the venue must be imprinted on the tickets.

3. The eBay seller will email clear jpeg images of both the front and back of each ticket for sale to The Nekkid Truth blog.

4. The eBay seller will email a clear jpeg image of the paid receipt for the tickets, including, if available, a clear image of the confirmation letter and mailing envelope to The Nekkid Truth blog.

5. The eBay seller must provide his eBay user ID, and send an email message from the email address that is registered with eBay.

6. The eBay seller must provide a verifiable land phone telephone number, along with a verifiable snail mail address.

7. The eBay seller must accept PayPal for the transaction.

8. Once the tickets are proven to be valid by The Nekkid Truth blog, the eBay seller must watermark each image with his eBay user ID and use said images in the eBay listing so that they cannot be copied and used by others.

9. The eBay seller will be provided with specific language and a direct link to The Nekkid Truth blog to be included in his listing.

10. The event tickets must be listed in the appropriate eBay category.

11. The eBay seller will forward The Nekkid Truth blog a copy of the eBay confirmation message that the listing has been confirmed and accepted by eBay.

12. If the listing is for a "Buy It Now" and/or "Best Offer" the "Buy It Now" and/or "Best Offer" logos must appear in the blue box of the eBay listing.

13. If the listing for the tickets sells, once paid by the buyer, within 72 hours of payment, the eBay seller must ship the tickets via a trackable overnight delivery service, with delivery confirmation, and if the sale price of the tickets is $250 or greater, must require signed delivery confirmation.

14. The eBay seller may not ask to be contacted off of eBay for "Buy It Now" and/or "Best Offer" or use any other common scammer language in the listing.

15. If the eBay seller alters the listing to change any of the information that is significantly different than from what is printed on the tickets, The Nekkid Truth blog reserves the right to remove the listing from the blog.

The Nekkid Truth:

1. The Nekkid Truth blog will verify that the tickets the eBay seller wants to sell are valid and will verify the eBay seller's contact information.

2. Once the contact information is verified and the tickets are authenticated as genuine by The Nekkid Truth blog, the eBay seller will pay The Nekkid Truth blog for the verification/validation service. Once the The Nekkid Truth blog receives confirmation that the verification/validation service has been paid for by the eBay seller, The Nekkid Truth blog will post the listing title, listing number and direct URL to the listing on The Nekkid Truth blog in a blog entry that will be the very first to appear on the blog.

3. The Nekkid Truth blog will spot check the eBay listing during its duration to ensure that it has not been hacked.

4. If the listing has been altered by the eBay seller, The Nekkid Truth blog will verify that the specific ticket information provided for verification/validation has not changed to mislead the eBay buying community.


1. The fee for this verification/validation service is $20 per eBay listing and must be paid to The Nekkid Truth blog's PayPal account immediately after the eBay seller's contact information is verified and the tickets are verified/validated to be genuine, but before the listing is uploaded to eBay. This fee is non-refundable.


1. If the tickets do not sell during the duration of the listing, and the eBay seller wishes to relist the tickets, he will not be charged a second fee by the Nekkid Truth blog as long as none of the parameters above change.

2. The eBay seller must notify The Nekkid Truth blog of the relisting, including forwarding a copy of the listing confirmation in order for The Nekkid Truth blog to add the new listing number and URL to the blog.


1. This service will provide buyer confidence that the eBay seller's listing is genuine because The Nekkid Truth blog has credibility.

2. This service will provide seller credibility and that the tickets for sale are genuine.

3. The eBay listing may very well get greater exposure because the URL to the listing will most likely be posted to the blog before the eBay listing is actually indexed and visible to the eBay buying community as The Nekkid Truth blog generates its own daily visitors.

4. The Nekkid Truth blog is indexed at least 6 times per day by Google, therefore the eBay listing through The Nekkid Truth blog will appear in a Google search, providing greater exposure to the listing. Also, The Nekkid Truth blog's primary URL is listed on over 140 message boards, blogs, and websites, thus possibly offering even additional exposure to the eBay seller's listing.

5. Hijackers have been known to hack into legitimate eBay listings, but they cannot alter eBay listing numbers. The eBay listing number will be posted on The Nekkid Truth blog for bidders to verify that the eBay listing is genuine.

6. Should the eBay seller's ticket listing get hacked, because The Nekkid Truth blog will be spot checking the listing, the eBay seller will be directly contacted and informed how to cure the listing and secure the eBay seller's account.

7. Hijackers cannot hack The Nekkid Truth blog.


1. The procedures above may be altered if The Nekkid Truth blog determines that necessary changes are required.

2. Plastic tickets that look like credit cards are not to be submitted and will not be verified/validated or included in this service.

3. Disney Hopper tickets or any other tickets that may be used over a time period will not be verified/validated or included in this service.

4. If tickets are not transferrable, have names imprinted on them, or are not allowed to be sold on eBay, this service will not verify/validate the tickets.

5. The Nekkid Truth blog is only providing a verification/validation service and does not attest to whether any eBay member is in good standing with eBay. eBay members are to check the trading partner's feedback.

6. This service is presently only available to eBay members registered in the United States and only for tickets associated with events occurring in the United States.

Should you wish to partake in this service or have further questions, feel free to contact always.the.nekkid.truth@gmail.com.

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