Monday, January 29, 2007

eBay Hijacker Email Addresses - "G"

The following are thieves' email addresses that were primarily found in eBay listings, however, the email addresses were also found through other sources and may be found on other transactional websites. These thieves are scam artists and they will lie to you; they are ready to take your money and you will get nothing in return. Do not enter into any transactions with the people writing from these email addresses; cease all communications immediately. If you have already entered into a transaction with any of these thieves and sent money through instant money transfer services, such as Western Union or Moneygram you have no recourse to get it back.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this list! I just got an email from one of these scumbags.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

this was very helpful, I saw an add too good to be true the email was from i googled the email and got your very useful fraud info. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

this is indispensable,I could have lost about $1250, who ever made this is a saint.

Thanks again

Mick said...

This site has saved us $2800.00 in a scam to sell us a Bass Boat for half its' market value through a web site called "". A man called Adam Harris from NY was trying to sell us a 2004 Triton TR-165 with free shipping from Florida through GLOBAL SHIPPING EXPRESS (, and their email address is listed as a scamer on your site. We were to send $2800.00 in cash through Money Gram. Suspecting the deal was too good to be true, we searched the net and late last night, found your site. Thank you vry much. Keep up thr good work.

Anonymous said...

I also have gone out to to look at purchasing a used jetski/PWC. Everything posted on their site appears to be a scam. Tags ont eh water craft do not match the states where the boast are located. The prices are 1/2 the well-know market values....which is what attracted me there in the first place. However, they want you to send your money to them and then they will ship the jet ski form "Florida". They tell you that you have 10 days to return the jet ski and the "shipper" will return your money....yeah sure!!!

There are no phone numbers to contact them at and it is simply a "scam". How can they get away with this????


Anonymous said...

thank you - saved me from even starting negotiations with a Mini Cooper seller on Craigslist.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your site,
I had already send the money via western union, 1300 Dollars!!
And got somekind of a strange feeling so I google John Govetts E-mail and found you. Luckily I could get the money back except for the 50 Euro fee of course.
I'd like to upleaod the I guess fake ID John sent me but I don't see the possibility... too bad

Thanks a lot sincerely Phil

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