Monday, January 29, 2007

eBay Hijacker Email Addresses - "K"

The following are thieves' email addresses that were primarily found in eBay listings, however, the email addresses were also found through other sources and may be found on other transactional websites. These thieves are scam artists and they will lie to you; they are ready to take your money and you will get nothing in return. Do not enter into any transactions with the people writing from these email addresses; cease all communications immediately. If you have already entered into a transaction with any of these thieves and sent money through instant money transfer services, such as Western Union or Moneygram you have no recourse to get it back.


tgkk88 said...

I have an addition to your post:
kelly_williams08 @

A copy of an email from 'her:'

Hello sir,
i don't even no the reason why you delay my item and i told you that i have already contacted pay pal on your behalf about your fund and they explain that they are taking new procedure for international transaction in order to secure both buyer and seller against fraudulent act,And the money have been deducted from my account,and about to be credited to your account once you verified them the shipment tracking,(Postage Receipt) requested for,your account will be credited instantly without any restriction,So i await to complete this transaction with you it is now left to you and pay pal, so get back to me and with the shipment detail as well.I will give feedback when I get the item and would appreciate getting feedback. All the best, Rich John.

Anonymous said...

this one is definitely a scammer:

Never trade with him! He is on the above ebay list as well.

Anonymous said...,

She tried to sell me a car that didn't even belong to "her". Everything she told me sounded legit. I asked for a VIN to run a carfax report. I did and it said it still belonged to a dealership in Cali... I called them and they still had it. (Flag 1) Flag 2, I chatted with eBay and they couldn't find any of the info I gave them that was given to me by the "eBay financier". Flag 3, they wanted me to pay via Western Union, which eBay prohibits. =/ I really wanted that car. But they aren't getting my money!

Anonymous said...

vehicle scammer! watch out, great and convincing grammar/vocab.