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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

An Email Exchange with an eBay Motors Scammer

The eBay member that forwarded the following email messages understood early on that she was dealing with a thief that hijacked an eBay member's account to list an automobile on. The eBay listing stated that inquiries were welcome to the email address posted in the body of the listing. The automobile was listed as being located locally to the eBay member, but the scammer states in email communications that the automobile is in Germany, thus inferring that it cannot be inspected or taken for a test drive.

Read the conversation for yourself and be aware of the warning signs. Luckily, the potential buyer did not lose a dime; she did, however, waste the scammer's time for awhile. Take notice of the scammer's lies, inconsistencies, and spelling and grammatical errors in the "official eBay documents".

Subject: mini on ebay
Date: Sat, 5 May 2007


Are you still offering this at the buy it now price? Can I come and see the car this weekend?


Date: Sun, 6 May 2007
Subject: Re: mini on ebay


First of all you must know that right now Im located in Germany due to my job and the car will be shipped from here. I have a car from my job to drive here, so I can`t keep this one anymore, pay insurance and all the associated taxes, as I have a 5 years contract here. It is very difficult for me to drive a right-handed car in Europe, so I`m forced to sell it.

There is no outstanding finance on the car. It has no damage, no scratches or dents, no hidden defects. It is in immaculate condition, meticulously maintained and hasn't been involved in any accident. The motor runs awesome. The tires are like new. Also, I found about the very high import duties and I've changed my mind and I've decided to sell the vehicle. I want to sell it in UK because is still registered there. You will get from me the keys and all documents to register the car into your name.

Buy it now price is £4,300.00 with shipping/handling included. The car will be insured during transportation and will be delivered in front of your door.

If you are still interested we will complete the deal only through Ebay using their Vehicle Protection Program. If you agree with these terms, please reply with your full name and shipping address. I will forward your details to ebay and they will notify you about our deal.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Date: Sun, 6 May 2007
Subject: Re: mini on ebay


Thanks for your response. I appreciate all of the details you have sent through. I can relate to being relocated and understand the stress of sorting out all the details. As the car is not located in the UK at the moment is it possible that I can ask a few more details please.

I did an hpi check on the car and it seems you have only owned it since 12 March 2007. Was this a recent purchase?

Also normally I'd like to see the car before I buy it or at the very least speak to the seller. Is it possible to arrange a call? I can't find anything on ebay about their vehicle protection program. Can you please send me a link to the information on Ebay before I send my details to you? I will normally only buy through ebay and paypal so there hopefully will not be an issue with this.

Thanks for understanding my caution.

Kind Regards,


Date: Sun, 6 May 2007
Subject: RE: mini on ebay


Thanks for your e-mail. Yes, this was a recent purchase but as I sayed in my e-mail, I had to move down here and have to let it go. However, all I need from you is your name and shipping address and I will have than ebay send you all the details needed.


Date: Mon, 7 May 2007
Subject: Re: mini on ebay

Hi ya,

Here's my name and address:


I'd like to come to Germany to test drive the car before I buy it. I can come on easyjet as it's quite cheap. Plus that will save both of us the hassle on shipping.

Also can you please send me the link on the vehicle protection program please? And I'd like to arrange that call with you to discuss the car.

Thanks! I am really looking forward to this car it's such a good deal.

Kind Regards,


Date: Mon, 7 May 2007
Subject: RE: mini on ebay


Thanks for your e-mail. However, I will not be able to meet anyone at this time, as my work requires a lot of travel in the country, this is why I choosed ebay to handle the transaction for us. I will have ebay send you all the deal details and after they will contact you, please let me know so we can make the final arrangements.


From: eBay Safety Department
Subject: [eBay Motors Purchase Protection - Case ID: 140114745559]
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007

Verified Member Profile

eBay Member: carsmini2006 (Mathias Schwark)

An eBay Member in good standing since 02-Mai-07. Identity and/or Contact Information Verified. Continues to meet strict Membership Criteria. Committed to Dispute Resolution and Mediation.

Purchase Protection Coverage up to £10,000

Case ID: 140114745559

Buy with confidence on eBay Motors!

eBay's Vehicle Purchase Protection program protects your vehicle purchase against fraud and material misrepresentation.

E-mail address:

Vehicle Purchase Protection

Ensures that you receive the vehicle you paid for, with coverage up to $20,000 against fraud or material misrepresentation.

The program covers cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, watercraft, off-road vehicles and trailers.

Your vehicle purchase is protected for up to $20,000 or the vehicle purchase price, whichever is lower.

Buy Confidently with our Vehicle Protection Programs
Vehicle Purchase Protection

Ensures that you receive the vehicle you paid for, with coverage up to $20,000 against fraud or material misrepresentation.
Guarantee by Seller
Provides added confidence that the vehicle’s condition is accurately described and protects you if it is significantly different.
Extended Warranty
Protect your vehicle from unexpected repair bills.

The Seller has selected Vehicle Purchase Protection in this transaction

Buyer INTENTIONALLY DELETED should feel confident purchasing from eBay Member Mathias Schwark.

eBay Member Mathias Schwark has been verified by eBay Safeharbor Team and is committed to customer satisfaction and resolving disputes via mediation.

Vehicle Purchase Protection | Overview

The Vehicle Purchase Protection program protects your vehicle purchase against fraud and material misrepresentation. This program is provided by eBay Motors for FREE on all eligible transactions completed on eBay Motors. There's no sign-up, opt-in, or registration necessary.

The following types of fraud and material misrepresentation are covered:

Paying for a vehicle and never receiving it;

Sending a deposit for a vehicle and never receiving the vehicle;

Paying for and receiving a vehicle:

that was a stolen vehicle at the time of the transaction;

with an undisclosed or unknown lien against its title;

of a make and/or model that is different than what was described in the seller's listing;

without receiving the title for that vehicle from the seller, if it is impossible for you to obtain a title from the appropriate Department of Motor Vehicles;

whose title is subject to an undisclosed salvage, rebuilt/rebuildable, unrebuildable, reconstructed, scrapped/destroyed, junk, lemon, manufacturer buyback, or water damage title brand at the time of the sale;

with a model year that is different than the model year described in the seller's listing;

with an odometer reading that is different than the odometer reading described in the seller's listing

Your vehicle purchase is protected for up to £10,000 or the vehicle purchase price, whichever is lower.

Payment Instructions

Payment must be submitted via Western Union Money Transfer.

If you are not familiarized with Western Union Money Transfer services please visit:

Pay for the transfer with cash at a local Western Union agent.

Western Union Agent locations are independent businesses that provide money transfer service to their customers on behalf of Western Union. In the United Kingdom, Western Union Agents are primarily retail locations - grocery stores, check-cashers, mail box centers, drug stores, travel agencies and depots and other retail locations.

Independent Western Union Agents may impose different limitations on the maximum amount that can be submitted per day. For this reason, in case of a larger amount to be sent, we recommend that you go to more than one agent and submit the total sum in separate transfers. Click here to locate the agents in your area.

Purchase protection and refund

Currently, the Seller (Mathias Schwark) has a £10,000 deposit in an eBay managed purchase protection account. Transactions with this seller are covered by purchase protection against fraud and description errors. For your safety this account was locked today, for a 30 days time period. The Seller is unable to withdraw any money from it within this period.

Should you need a refund for this transaction, the insured amount will be taken from the seller's purchase protection account and sent to you. The refund is sent to your bank account, by check or money order. The way you are refunded is at your sole discretion. Refund requests are processed within 48 hours.

Purchase Protection Coverage

Here are the situations suitable for a refund request:

• If the vehicle doesn't arrive and/or the seller stops communication after the payment is received;

• If the vehicle you receive is clearly different from what you purchased in a way that significantly affects its value or utility. (The eBay Claims Administrator makes this determination in its sole discretion and may require you to provide a written statement from a qualified appraiser, at eBay's sole discretion);

• If your vehicle arrives in a much longer period than the one you agreed on (more than 20 days from the payment clearance day)


Howard Marshall
eBay Motors Financial Department

Mathias Schwark 's Selling Standards

Disclose pricing, shipping and return policies in a clear and accurate manner
Disclose contact information, if requested to do so by a buyer
Respond to disputes filed and participates in mediation, if buyer requests
Commits to meeting eBay Motors Standards

For further questions please contact us at

Copyright © 1995-2007 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

From: eBay Safety Department
Subject: eBay Safeharbor Department [eBay Motors Purchase Invoice # 140114745559]
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007

eBay Motors Purchase Invoice # 140114745559

eBay member Mathias Schwark started a new transaction through eBay

We have verified all the details of this transaction and concluded that they are accurate. Please follow our instructions to complete the transaction safely. Your vehicle purchase is protected for up to £10,000 or the vehicle purchase price, whichever is lower.

Payment must be submitted via Western Union Money Transfer

If you are not familiarized with Western Union Money Transfer services please visit:

Seller Information:

Mathias Schwark
Goethestr. 34


Total Amount: £4,300.00

Deposit : £0,00.00

Subtotal : £4,300.00


Transaction Date: 07 Mai 2007

Case ID: 140114745559

Item Description:


Sale price: £4,300.00

Quantity: 1

Shipping and handling: Check with seller

Insurance: Offered

Seller ships to:

*Please check the details for an accurate delivery in order to avoid delays:


How to make payment

Click below to find the nearest Western Union office

Find Agent Location

Submit payment using Seller's details as payment details:

Send a fax to eBay with the following information:

MTCN ( Money Transfer Control Number )

Sender's Name and Address

Receiver's Name and Address


We strongly recommend that you also fax the Western Union payment receipt to our Central Fax Number: +1 (330)-754-2107


For security reasons please DO NOT submit the payment details to the Seller or any other unauthorized person/corporation.

• The payment details are confidential and will not be released under any circumstances.

• Seller is authorized to ship only after eBay verifies good funds.

• Upon payment verification, the seller is authorized to ship the vehicle and submit tracking information.


First Name: Mathias
Last Name: Schwark

Street: Fritz-Lang Str. 1
City: Potsdam
Zip Code: 14482
Country: Germany

• When payment is received, it will be verified and secured into a non-interest bearing trust account. Payment verification process usually takes less than three hours. After payment is secured, the Seller is authorized to ship merchandise. The seller has three business days to send the buyer and eBay the tracking number of the shipment. If no tracking number is provided, a full refund is immediately sent to the buyer.

• Buyer receives the merchandise and has three days to inspect it. If it is complete and as described, the buyer should accept the merchandise. If he refuses the merchandise, the buyer must ship the merchandise back to the Seller within three business days.

• After the inspection period is over, the Buyer must contact eBay Motors Customer Support with the result of the inspection. If the buyer refuses the merchandise, the refund will be sent to the buyer after the tracking number for the returned shipment is verified. If the merchandise is accepted, eBay submits the payment directly to the Seller within 3 business days.

Copyright © 1995-2007 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Subject: RE: mini on ebay
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007


Got the invoice from ebay and your last email and am a bit confused. I heard on the news that ebay now owns pay pal. Why would they send information to pay on Western Union and not through pay pal?

Also you said that you are travelling a lot. How is it that you will be able to ship the car to me? Are you using it for work? I have some friends in Germany (Hamburg and Stuugart) they said they'd be happy to speak to you?

In the ad that was placed it was placed by your girlfriend? Is she in England? If so then can I speak to her?

Also why is the invoice in Dollars as you are in Germany and I am in England? Is this vehicle protection thingy in the US or something?

Thanks for all your help.


Date: Mon, 7 May 2007
Subject: RE: mini on ebay


Thanks for your e-mail. However, I will not be able to meet anyone at this time, as my work requires a lot of travel in the country, this is why I choosed ebay to handle the transaction for us. My whife posted the ad and she is here with me in Germany. There is no insurance in US dollars, everything is in pound sterling. Please let me know if we can make the deal.


Subject: RE: mini on ebay
Date: Tue, 8 May 2007


Reading the email from ebay I wrote to enquire if I could pay by pay pal and it bounced back saying the domain doesn't exist. The invoice said to email to if I had any questions.

A friend of mine did an internet search on that email and found it on a blog called and he told me it could be a scam address. Please can you explain? I am really concerned about this.


The eBay member never heard from the scammer again once she informed him that the email address for the invoice is posted on this blog.

If people were not getting scammed, we would be having a good belly laugh after reading the email exchanges and fake "official eBay documents". Luckily, the eBay member that baited this thief did not get scammed, but many people innocently fall for these fake documents, enter into off-eBay transactions, pay via instant money transfer services, and never get either the item or the money back.

This is a reminder. DO NOT enter into off-eBay transactions. Make sure you bid or use the "Buy It Now" feature. If you win or purchase the item, make sure that the listing appears in the "Won" column in your My eBay account. NEVER pay for items via unsafe methods. eBay warns all members to NOT make payments via instant money transfer services such as Western Union and Moneygram.

eBay does not verify or approve transactions, verify its members, or state that its members are in good standing. eBay does not act as an escrow agent, or have eBay agents that collect funds. eBay does not offer sellers "Vehicle Purchase Protection". Sellers do not have eBay "Managed Purchase Protection Accounts" with funds in it held by eBay. eBay does not have an inspection period. eBay does not have a warehouse or own a shipping company. And, email from eBay does not come from domains such as "".

If you are going to purchase a vehicle from a seller listing on eBay Motors, make sure that you familiarize yourself with eBay Motors' policies. Do not take unnecessary risk. Good sellers answer questions and will provide telephone numbers upon request. Good sellers will allow potential buyers and certified mechanics to do inspections and test drive vehicles. Good sellers provide vehicle identification numbers, copies of the title and registration, service records and additional photographs on request. Good sellers are forthcoming about all defects.

As a potential buyer, if you cannot find a seller to comply with your requests, find another seller that will and that you are at ease with.


The eBay member that alerted us to this scam just informed us that since this scam was reported to us that she has been spammed with many Nigerian 419 scam email messages. This is out of the ordinary for her. The eBay member's email address has not been disclosed on this blog, so she can only surmise that her email address was posted elsewhere by the scammer in retaliation for providing us with the email messages, and this is the reason why she is now receiving the spam email messages.

Again, we remind you that if you are inquiring about an eBay listing that you DO NOT write to email addresses posted in listings, as they are most likely bogus items listed on hijacked eBay member accounts. Disregard all the excuses as to why the seller wants direct email contact.

Communicate with the seller ONLY through eBay's "Ask the Seller a Question" (ASQ) link located just beneath the seller's user ID. Make sure that you DO NOT expose your email address to the seller, but DO send yourself a copy of the message by placing "checkmarks" in the two boxes below the message (the eBay default is to AUTOMATICALLY PROVIDE your registered eBay email address to the seller and to NOT send you a copy of the ASQ). ASQ messages arrive in a timely manner; you will be able to determine that for yourself.

If you need to request photos or other information and it must be sent to you via email, provide the seller with a throw-away email address for communication so that you do not subject your primary email address to spam. Provide your throw-away email address in the body of the message. DO NOT provide the seller with your eBay registered email address.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hijackers Impersonating iSoldIt Franchisees' Drop Off Stores on eBay

Over the past 6 months we have found many iSoldIt franchisees' eBay accounts repeatedly hijacked by the usual eBay thieves. The iSoldIt franchisees are eBay trading assistants with drop off stores throughout the United States; there are approximately 100 of them.

Trading assistants do not own the merchandise that they are listing; they are listing items for others for a fee. Trading assistants like iSoldIt have possession of the item when they list it and complete transactions just like most eBay sellers do. They get paid by the winning bidder, do the shipping, resolve all customer service issues and leave feedback. The difference is that once the iSoldIt franchisees get paid, they then pay the sellers, less any fees and commissions that are incurred.

The commonality amongst all of these iSoldIt franchisees is that they use the same listing template on eBay with the iSoldIt logo.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

eBay account names are similar and look like "isoldit." followed by a two character abbreviation for the state and a numeric store number.

Within each listing is quite a bit of boilerplate information regarding "Shipping", "Payment", "Frequently Asked Questions", and "About Us". There is also a physical store address, telephone number and email address for contact.

However, what is new and quite alarming is that the hijackers are now registering bogus domains and creating email addresses with the newly registered bogus domains to legitimize themselves so they can send out fake iSoldIt invoices via email. We have already seen fake iSoldIt invoices sent out to unsuspecting eBay members that unfortunately and unknowingly entered into off-eBay transactions.

The good news is that the hijackers have only registered fake domains for email purposes, and all of the fake domains, although still active, remain under construction. The bad news is that the domains are still active, and fake iSoldIt invoices are being emailed to unsuspecting eBay members who believe they have entered into legitimate transactions with iSoldIt franchisees. Until the fake domains are shut down by the registrar or host, the email addresses will remain viable, and will be used to deceive any eBay member that thinks the transaction he entered into is legitimate.

Below are the messages that were exchanged between an eBay member that was scammed and a hijacker who was posing as the owner of the item and the fake iSoldIt franchisee. Note the grammatical and spelling errors in the messages. Remember, iSoldIt franchisees are only located in the United States. Based on the scammer's poor grammar, it does not appear that he is from the United States.

From the victim:


I am not really to much into embroidery, but for the price I can't beat it. No Reserve price and only $3.00 for ship that is great. I hope you bought insurance for the posting because it looks to have been posted wrong and I will not loose out on a deal like this for this machine even if it is a mistake in posting. It looks great.

From the hijacker:


Thank you for your email. The reason i have asked to be contacted before bidding is that i want to sell it faster and i want to find a buyer immediately. You don`t have to bid and win the auction so you can buy it....if you are really interested i reserve the right to end the auction and make the transaction with you. Right now i am gone in my honeymoon in Hawaii but i hope that`s not going to be a prblem because i can still handle the transaction. When i left in my honeymoon, i left the item along with several other items in the custody of iSOLD It because i wanted to sell them when i get back, but something came up back home, something wrong with my mom and i decided to sell this one before i get back. So if you are still interested let me know because i can make the transaction immediately. Just let me know...

The price i am looking for is $1500 with shipping and handling included. If this is a reasonable price please let me know and i can make the transaction with you through eBay and i SOLD It, so the deal will be very legit and safe and will not be outside eBay. You will also have a 10 days return policy. If you have other questions please email me ASAP. I will also want you to reply either way so i will know what to do.


From the fake iSoldIt franchisee:


Here is the invoice for your payment!.

The following is a notice from iSOLD It Trust & Safety regarding item: Renaissance 12 needle Commercial Embroidery Machine (200096896874)

This is an auto acknowledgement that has been sent to inform you that we have received your email message.

This email confirm that you, INTENTIONALLY DELETED, have paid the amount of US $1,500.00 using Western Union.


Sender's name and address:


Receiver's name:
Daniel Derolent

The payment's details are verified and confirmed and we will immediately proceed with the shipping. You will be contacted in maximum 24 hours with the shipping details. The shipping taxes are already paid.

Thank you for using iSOLD It.

For any further assistance please contact our trust and Safety Department at:

Thank you again for your time, we look forward to hear from you !


Please allow 24 hours for a reply. Emailing us prior to receiving our reply will result in an additional delay.

This message may contain confidential information. If you have received this communication in error, please understand that any dissemination or copying of this information is strictly prohibited!

From the fake iSoldIt franchisee:


Thank you for contacting i SOLD It.

The following is a notice from i SOLD It Trust & Safety regarding item: Renaissance 12 needle Commercial Embroidery Machine (200096896874)

We have received your payment information but unfortunately we wore unable to verify the payment details due the fact that the MTCN # is misspelled. Please double check the MTCN # from your Western Union receipt and resend the payment information.


Lee Feldman
Director Franchise Support
iSold It, LLC
401 E. Huntington Dr..
Monrovia, CA 91016


Privacy Notice:
This email and any attachments thereto are intended only for the parties indicated above. If you have received this email in error, please do not copy or forward the information contained here.
If this listing had been legitimate there would not have been any communication between the bidder and the seller, it would have been between the bidder and the iSoldIt franchisee, who is acting as a trading assistant on behalf of the owner of the item. The owner of the item is never disclosed within the eBay listing. We found it extremely odd that the hijacker decided to play two roles, and in his role as the owner of the embroidery machine, he stated that shipping and insurance were included, however, the boilerplate information provides a shipping and handling calculator.

Unfortunately, the eBay victim knew in advance and mentioned in her email message that the item was listed in the wrong category. The item listed in the wrong category with a low-ball opening bid, mention of "Buy It Now" without the actual "Buy It Now" button in the listing, the boilerplate information that contradicts the hijacker's email message, fake invoice, eBay member not bidding on the item, and payment requirement by Western Union, should have been sufficient red flags for the eBay member to recognize a scam and not complete the transaction. Unfortunately, she was impressed with the price and thought she was getting herself a bargain.

With some help from the administrator of the Company Exposed website, the following fake domains were located and can be found here. The fake iSoldIt domains are:

There very well maybe more fake domains than what we are reporting, and if we find them we will update this blog entry. There are also at least 2 email addresses associated with each fake domain, and they can also be found on this blog.

We are alerting you to this information because we believe that this scam is just rolling out. Each legitimate iSoldIt franchisee has its own domain, and it looks like "". After the slash mark ("/") is a store number.

Please use extreme caution if you are considering entering into a transaction with an iSoldIt franchisee. As we mentioned earlier, many of the franchisees have had their eBay accounts hijacked more than once. If you do bid on and win or use the "Buy It Now" feature on an eBay listing from an iSoldIt franchisee or anyone else, make sure that you receive an eBay end of auction notification message, and that it shows in your My eBay "Won" column and My Messages inbox. Do not just rely on the email messages that arrive in your registered email account's inbox. Verify that the contact information is correct on the eBay end of auction notification by locating the iSoldIt franchisee on iSoldIt's corporate website. If you are at all apprehensive, call the store to confirm the transaction; all of the store telephone numbers are on iSoldIt's corporate website.

All iSoldIt franchisees accept PayPal and credit cards. iSoldIt franchisees do not accept money orders, personal checks or money wires. Make sure that you pay for the listing with PayPal and only with a credit card for maximum protection. NEVER pay for eBay transactions via instant money transfer services such as Western Union or Moneygram.

Note: the iSoldIt logo is the property of iSoldIt.


On a side note, within the past 6 months, the writer of this blog has had the opportunity to contact 4 iSoldIt franchisees to inform each of them that their eBay accounts were hijacked. Prior experience has shown us that if we can contact the true eBay account holders by alternative means, that it can be faster to secure the hijacked accounts and take down the bogus eBay listings through direct member contact instead of through eBay's reporting mechanisms for hijacked accounts. Unfortunately, although the writer of this blog had the best of intentions, not all of the iSoldIt franchisees were receptive to receiving the unsolicited telephone calls. The opinion of this writer is that the franchisees were not aware that there are eBay members that voluntarily search for hijacked accounts in an effort to keep the eBay platforms free from fraud.

In one instance, the manager of a store accused the writer of this blog of being the hijacker. In two instances, both managers were panicked, but were already aware that their accounts were hijacked and were in contact with eBay's Live Help for Fraud group to rectify the problems. And, in the last instance, the owner of the store was more than willing to accept assistance, and stated that her eBay account was getting hijacked approximately once every two weeks, but didn't know why. The owner of this particular franchised store had very little computer experience and did not know about anti-virus and spyware protection programs.

We believe that the numerous iSoldIt account hijackings were because the franchisees' computers were infected with keyloggers from spyware or people were clicking on links in phishing ASQs or email messages, and entering their user IDs and passwords into fake eBay log-on pages. Under these scenarios, the hijackers were repetitively gaining access to iSoldIt franchisees' eBay passwords.

It appears that some, if not all of the iSoldIt franchisees lack the necessary computer knowledge to keep their computers safe and will continue to be prone to having their eBay accounts hijacked until they receive the proper computer education.


Here's another email message posted on a message board where the eBay member was in contact with an iSoldIt scammer regarding a trombone. The eBay member was unsure as to the legitimacy of the email message and luckily was convinced by others not to enter into the transaction. The email message is a complete lie and the intent is to bait someone naive to enter into the transaction.


As i said in my first email i will explain how iSOLD it works because i want you to be clear on every aspect of this transaction. They are the number one selling service on eBay. You simply drop an item to one of their stores,you find a buyer and they will take care of the rest. When i left in my honeymoon i left 12 items for sale in their custody, they picked them up from my home so don`t ask at what store, or where the item is exactly because i don`t long as they are handling the shipping and handling i don`t care where they are. I forgot to mention that the shipping is included in the price of sale. They offered me a discount on shipping because i am selling a large number of items and i can afford that.

So basically they have the item insured and ready for shipping. As soon as i will have your shipping details i will send it to them and they will start the transaction. They will email you with an invoice and payment instructions. You will have to send the payment to one of their agents by following the payment instructions. Then you will send the payment details to them, they will validate the transaction and will start the shipping ASAP. If you will have questions you can ask them directly.

Unfortunately the pick up is not possible because this is an urgent sale (like i said before i intended to sell this on eBay when i should have returned from my honeymoon but due to some recent problems back home i am forced to sell it now). iSOLD It suggested to offer a return policy because my offers would substantially increase so i am offering a 10 day guarantee. This eliminates the pick up option but you will have the time to inspect it and decide if you want it or not. If for any reason you decide not to keep it, they will give you a full refund and will return the item on my expense.

So if you agree with this terms and decide to proceed, then i will need your full name and shipping address in order to start the transaction.

Thank you

These email messages were just forwarded to the blog by another eBay member, that luckily did not get scammed. The scammer email messages all sound eerily similar. This scammer is also on his honeymoon, but this time he says he is in the United Kingdom.

Sat, 5 May 2007
From: "Gregory Chalmers"
Subject: Re: Question about shipping for item #260114191233 - EZGO GOLF CART


Thank you for your email. The reason i have asked to be contacted before bidding is that i want to sell it faster and i want to find a buyer immediately. You don`t have to bid and win the auction so you can buy it....if you are really interested i reserve the right to end the auction and make the transaction with you. I am not in the country, right now i am in UK in my honeymoon but i will handle everything from over here so that will not be a problem. The price i am looking for is $2500 with shipping and handling included. If this is a reasonable price please let me know and i can make the transaction with you through eBay and i SOLD It, so the deal will be very legit and safe and will not be outside eBay. You will also have a 10 days return policy. If you have other questions please email me ASAP. I will also want you to reply either way so i will know what to do.



Sat, 5 May 2007
Subject: Re: Question about shipping for item #260114191233 - EZGO GOLF CART


Very nice but this is too much for me. Thx for your answer.... Good luck for your auktion.

Sat, 5 May 2007
From: "Gregory Chalmers"
Subject: Re: Question about shipping for item #260114191233 - EZGO GOLF CART

How much you can offer me?



Sat, 5 May 2007
Subject: Re: Question about shipping for item #260114191233 - EZGO GOLF CART


I only have about 1200€ to use; i dont think thats enough for the cart and the shipping. But thank you for answering me!

Mon, 7 May 2007
From: "Gregory Chalmers"
Subject: Re: Question about shipping for item #260114191233 - EZGO GOLF CART


Let`s make the deal at 1200 Euros. Please let me know if you are ready to start the deal.



Mon, 7 May 2007
Subject: Re: Question about shipping for item #260114191233 - EZGO GOLF CART


Wow ......are you serious? Thats great! Really enough for the cart and the shipping?

Tue, 8 May 2007
From: "Gregory Chalmers"
Subject: Re: Question about shipping for item #260114191233 - EZGO GOLF CART


I will make the transaction using i SOLD It services...i SOLD It is the best selling service on eBay. They are guaranteed and recommended by eBay because they verify the sellers that are members with them and you will also have a 10 day return policy.

If you haven`t used i SOLD It before I will explain how they work:

They already have the item in their custody packed, insured and ready for shipping. They will contact you with all the details of this sale (they will send you an invoice ) and with the payment instructions. You will send the payment to one of their agents that is handling our transaction and after that you will send them the payment information so they can verify It. I will have to make you aware of the fact that i don`t know the agent name because they change it in every transaction for security reasons. As soon as they do that the shipping process will start. After you receive the item you will have a 10 day return policy, in this time you will have to decide if you accept it or not. If you do then you will notify them that you accept it so they can send me the payment. If not, they will give you a complete refund and return the item on my expense. We will also be able to leave feedback for each other after the transaction like it`s done on any genuine sale on eBay.

So please give me your full name and shipping address so i can have them contact you regarding the transaction.



Wed, 9 May 2007
Subject: Re: Question about shipping for item #260114191233 - EZGO GOLF CART



Wed, 9 May 2007
From: "Gregory Chalmers"
Subject: Re: Question about shipping for item #260114191233 - EZGO GOLF CART


i have received your information and i will forward them to i SOLD It right now and they will contact you with the payment instructions and your invoice so please let me know when have they contacted you so i will know that everything is in order.


We want to remind you again, if you are interested in an eBay listing from an iSoldIt store, you will NEVER have any contact with the person that actually owns the item. You will only be in contact with iSoldIt. iSoldIt does not disclose the identity of the owner of the item to potential buyers, and vice versa. iSoldIt franchisees are eBay trading assistants and only list on eBay, and NOT on any other Internet auction sites. If you find listings on Craigslist, Gumtree, Yahoo, etc. the listings are all scams and you should report them. Most importantly, if you do bid on an iSoldIt listing on eBay and you win it, the iSoldIt franchisees only accept PayPal and credit cards; iSoldIt franchisees do not accept any other forms of payment.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Does the Opportunity of Getting a Good Deal/Great Bargain Outweigh an eBay Member Being Sensible?


When we find members bidding on fraudulent listings on eBay we are dumbfounded, because we see the red flags in the listings instantly, so we don't understand why bidders don't see what is so obvious to us. When coming across a fraudulent listing, alarms should be going off in a member's head, yet a member frequently has put on blinders or rose-colored glasses and ignores the obvious. We find bad grammar and spelling errors, ridiculously low opening bids, items listed in the wrong categories, idiotic excuses for off eBay contact, and offers within the description for Buy It Now, without the standard eBay "Buy It Now" button displayed. Unfortunately, we continuously find people bidding or even worse, making contact and entering into off eBay transactions.

To us, many bidders appear to be naive or gullible. And, if they don't fall into those categories, then they must be lacking common sense and are overcome by greed. As one scammer frequently writes in his listings these bidders are "ready to make the deal of the year" and the scammers are thrilled to take the money and run. Scammers know they won't get caught because they are using false contact information and are receiving instant money transfers sent by victims. Instant money transfer services do not require identification at pick up; all that is required for a scammer to obtain wired funds is the tracking number.

It's truly a shame, but only after someone is victimized and loses money is when he begins his due diligence and sees the red flags he should have noticed long before he gave away his money. Hindsight, is indeed 20/20, and it is unfortunate, but, by the time an eBay member has become a victim and has realized he was scammed, it is far too late to get the money back.

Scammer lies defy logic, yet gullible eBay members are "believers" and get caught in the web of deception. When scammers write excuses in their listings such as they can't access their eBay email or they can't access their home or work email and to use alternative methods for contact, doesn't it make you wonder? Doesn't your radar go up? It doesn't make any difference where a person is accessing eBay or his email from - it can be from home, work, the public library, a prison, an Internet cafe, a hotel lobby, a bus station, an airport, or a wireless connection. Most people can access their home email address from work and vice versa; and, it doesn't make any difference because if you can access the Internet, eBay can be accessed from anywhere.

If a member can log onto eBay, list items and access his account, he can always access the My eBay My Messages folder and read any messages sent via eBay's "Ask Seller a Question" (ASQ) function. Some members have the forwarding preference turned off; therefore, a duplicate copy will not be forwarded to a member's registered email address, however, the original message is always in the My Messages folder. Scammers sometimes forget to disable the forwarding feature, and tell you not to use ASQ so that their thievery won't be detected by the member whose account they are using for deception. If a message was forwarded to the real member's registered email address, that member would be alerted that his account was hijacked.

Scammers lie and have many excuses. They have the gall to say that the My Messages folder is full because it has too many messages in it, eBay hasn't activated it yet, it is locked, it doesn't work and eBay has been notified, it is disabled, it has a glitch, it is frozen, it is slow, or else will state some other lame excuse. Do not believe scammers that say that the My eBay My Messages inbox is infected with viruses. The lies are all ruses; it's all nonsense to get potential buyers to make off eBay contact. The My Messages folder holds an unlimited number of messages, there are no capacity or quota issues, and the newest messages always appear first. In fact, in most cases, if no action is required, the messages automatically purge from the folder in 90 days. Messages that are required to be read that appear with a yellow banner and always sent by eBay (such as TKO notices) automatically purge after 180 days.

Always ask yourself if the person you are communicating with is telling you the truth. Don't let scammers bait you with their lies. If you do have communication with a scammer, don't believe it when he says that his PayPal account is frozen and that eBay has authorized that payments may be made through unsafe instant money transfer services such as Western Union and Moneygram. Scammers will even tell you that they have to pay a commission to instant money transfer services and that you should lie and never mention an eBay transaction so they can avoid paying the commission. Instant money transfer services NEVER charge the recipient a commission; they charge the sender a wiring fee. In all honesty, scammers fear that if you mention eBay that the transfer will be stopped. Scammers tell you this lie so you won't be warned by the instant money transfer service to NEVER SEND MONEY TO PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW.

eBay does not verify the trustworthiness of the seller, the availability of the merchandise, specify the payment mechanism, or approve any transactions. eBay does not have its own escrow service and it never holds money for a transaction. If an escrow or shipping company is offered, research it thoroughly and make sure that it is a legitimate company. eBay does not make its members put up bonds, deposits, or insurance. There is no such thing as an "eBay Managed Purchase Protection Account" that the seller must deposit money into; nor is there an eBay inspection period for the buyer. There are no eBay representatives to send payments to. There is no such thing as an "eBay Vehicle Purchase Program" and items being sold on Craigslist are not eligible for any type of eBay protection. eBay does not have warehouses and storage facilities and it never holds merchandise. Merchandise is never pre-crated and held at the shipping company pending a sale and seller directions. Square Trade does not manage eBay accounts or eBay transactions; and it is a separate entity from eBay and only mediates transactions between buyers and sellers for a fee.

Make sure that you always use the blue Place Bid button or the red Buy It Now button in every listing. Verify in your My eBay that you actually bid on or bought an item. DO NOT EVER enter into off eBay transactions. If you do enter into an off eBay transaction, you have absolutely NO recourse.

Scammers attempt to intimidate members with threats in their bogus listings. Frequently, scammers will write that a member must make contact via email before bidding, and if bids are made without approval that beside the bid being canceled, the bidder will be reported to eBay and, negative feedback will be left. Do not be intimidated by these threats. Scammers are just attempting to get you to enter into off eBay transactions. If a bid is canceled, feedback cannot be left by either party. And, hopefully sooner than later, eBay will cancel the bogus listings and secure the account. Scammers do not report members to eBay! Think about it -- scammers want to fly under the eBay radar and don't want to be discovered.

Scammers send fake eBay messages, however, fake invoices and Second Chance offers will NEVER appear in the My eBay My Messages in box. Don't fall prey to fake eBay communications. Check the grammar in the messages. eBay does not make spelling errors. If you are reading the email messages through your email provider, open up the headers and see where the messages originated from. Double-check that the message is in your My eBay My Messages in box. If the message you received through your email provider is not also appearing in your My eBay My Messages in box, then the message you received is a scam.

We suggest that you take additional precautions; change your eBay preferences to only accept email from eBay in text-only format and turn off the Second Chance Offer feature. By taking these precautions, you will immediately be alerted that you have received scam email messages if you receive eBay email with HTML in it or any Second Chance Offers. Remember, if you choose to accept Second Chance Offers they will appear in My eBay with a listing number; they are genuine listings solely for you and will appear as a fixed price Buy It Now listing at the highest bid price you made on a previous listing. If you do decide to change your preferences, also change the email preference in your PayPal account to text-only format. Take these simple precautions, change your preferences, and be safe instead of sorry.

Sellers do not have to ask you for your eBay ID and contact information to send you an invoice. Winner notifications for every transaction are generated by eBay, and the contact information is in eBay's database. You can always check My eBay to determine whether you have won or lost an item, but make sure that you used the Place Bid or Buy It Now button. Don't believe scammer stories such as the seller can't receive payments through PayPal because he is going through a divorce or because of unauthorized activity. Don't believe it when a scammer says he can't talk to you on the phone because he is on vacation, he is on a business trip, or he recently had surgery on his throat or his ears. If a seller says that he is honest, ask yourself why he said that.

Don't rush, take the time to thoroughly read the listings and use common sense. Be leery of sellers that use stock photographs in their listings. Check the history of your trading partner. Check the items the seller currently has for sale, the feedback, and the prior sales/buying history. Put the item you are interested in on your watch list; there are very few one-of-a-kind items on eBay. If the listing says to make contact via email, use eBay's "Ask the Seller a Question" feature instead; the link is in the upper right hand corner of the listing beneath the seller's ID. If you want to make sure that the listing is legitimate, ask the seller to send you a digital photograph of the item with your eBay ID handwritten in the photo. If the item you are interested in has a serial number, ask for a digital photograph of it, and take the next step and verify the serial number with the manufacturer. If you get an excuse, find another seller that will comply with your request.

If you must reply to an email address in a listing, do an advanced search for it and see if it appears in more than one account. eBay only allows members to register one email address per account. Verify the email address and see if it is registered to an eBay account. Do a Google search for the email address, you may very well find it listed on this blog or elsewhere.

If you were looking at a listing and it disappears, the seller did not pull it because he had a lot of people interested in it. eBay pulled the listing because it was a scam.

If you are not familiar with scammer language read the blog entry below dated April 11, 2007, or do a Google search for a phrase. The scammer language is indexed by Google and found with a simple search.

Remember, scammers have an infinite number of phantom items in their non-existent inventories which they constantly bait eBay members with. The scams are not limited solely to eBay; the scams are all over the Internet.

Scammers are terrible liars and they have an unlimited number of excuses. They use many different email addresses, are running multiple schemes, and are operating under multiple hijacked accounts and accounts they created on their own to defraud at any one time. Not one of the scammers has a conscience; each would sell his own mother for a price. They are thieves that haven't been caught by law enforcement. Scammers defraud people all over the world and get away stealing millions of dollars every year; they scam many people everyday. Do not be taken in by scammers; do not become a victim of an Internet crime. Be wary, ask questions, buy defensively.

Look for the clues and don't forgive or overlook any of the red flags. What is obvious to us should be obvious to you. If you use common sense, keep your anti-virus and spyware protection programs up to date, install critical browser patches, pay for all transactions only with a credit card, never pay for transactions via instant money transfer services, never click on unknown links in email messages, and follow the advice written on this blog, you will limit your risk. Do not become a victim of an eBay scammer or a victim of fraud anywhere on the Internet. Be proactive. Be careful. Be diligent. Be observant. Be informed. Be smart.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Can you safely purchase sports/event tickets on eBay?

Yes, you can buy sports and other types of event tickets on eBay, but, only if you take precautions. Do NOT rush or bid haphazardly. Any deal that is too good to be true is a scam. Beware of the warning signs ... if you use some common sense, the fraudulent listings will stand out like a sore thumb.

First, check to see what category the event tickets are listed in. If the tickets are listed in a category such as Health & Beauty Aids, hit the back button immediately. Honest sellers list their items in the proper categories.

Second, is there an email address in the listing asking for off eBay contact for a great Buy It Now price? Does the seller have excuses as to why you can only contact him by email and not through eBay's "Ask the Seller a Question" feature? If there is an email address, then the account is most likely hijacked and the thief will make you the offer of your dreams if you will complete the transaction through Western Union or MoneyGram. You will receive a phony invoice and it will not appear in your My eBay mailbox. Immediately report the account as hijacked, do not enter into a conversation with the thief. If you don't know how to report a hijacked account, email this blog and we will report the account for you.

Third, do the event tickets have a low-ball opening bid? If they do, and they are not selling for market price, you may be looking at a fraudulent listing.

Fourth, is the description vague? Are the section, row and seat numbers listed? Is there an image of the tickets? Be aware that in many cases, if this information is not available, then you may be looking at a fraudulent listing.

Fifth, is the seller listing event tickets that are not available yet to the general public? If yes, then you have probably found a fraudulent listing.

Sixth, are you finding listings for event tickets for USA events sold by sellers that are registered in locations far away from the USA? If the answer is yes, you very well may be looking at a listing by someone that wants to scam you.

Seventh, if the seller is not a ticket agent and has numerous listings for event tickets, you need to ask yourself why. The Nekkid Truth and Team Whack a Hack have reported over 150,000 bogus listings for Superbowl, Daytona 500 and other sports events tickets in the past month.

Eighth, is a newly registered eBay member listing tickets? If the answer is yes, be very cautious. Thieves are known to create accounts on eBay with the intent to defraud eBay buyers.

Ninth, check the feedback of the seller. Does the seller have a history of selling event tickets? If the answer is yes, then you probably have found a legitimate seller.

Tenth, make sure that you can pay for any tickets you are interested in bidding on with a credit card. PayPal offers the utmost protection for you, but, only if you pay with a credit card. If the deal goes south and PayPal denies your claim because it cannot obtain the funds back from the seller, you always have recourse through your credit card carrier.

Eleventh, are the seller's payment terms unreasonable? Do not be intimidated by sellers that require payment in less than 24 hours from the completion of the listing. Even eBay will tell you that this is an unreasonable demand. A legitimate ticket seller that is in a rush to be paid, can still wait 48 hours for payment. Even when fraudulent listings are reported to eBay sometimes they are not nullified prior to the listing completing. If you get a TKO notice from eBay after you make payment, what are you going to do?

Remember, PayPal's Buyer Protection Program only covers eligible transactions up to $2000.00. Double check to see if the listing you are interested in is covered.

Buyers, if the seller does not offer PayPal, ask the seller if he will complete the transaction through the approved escrow companies eBay has alliances with:, Escrow Australia, Escrow Europa, Iloxx, and Triple Deal. Ask the seller if he will agree to share in the costs of this service. It is probably worth the extra $40 plus dollars to use this escrow service to protect both of your interests.

Be suspicious, do your research and be thorough ... do not give your money to thieves. Be careful.

All of us are aware that sports enthusiasts will try to obtain tickets to hot events at any cost. Event tickets are a limited commodity. The thieves know this, and know your weaknesses. Do not become overcome by greed and forget to use good judgment. If you do not do your due diligence and you are not savvy about these con games, you will lose your money, and instead of being a fan rooting for your team at a live game, you will be watching it on television and crying in your beer. If you think you're buying tickets to a concert, and you get scammed, you will be listening to the music on your CD player or IPOD. Remember, if you get scammed and lose your money, you have no one to blame but yourself. If you think you are too smart to get scammed, read some of the sad stories written to this blog and posted on the Nekkid Truth Message Board.

The Nekkid Truth and Team Whack a Hack would like eBay to require that all ticket sellers register the ticket numbers in their possession with eBay prior to listing them. This way, eBay can check to see that there are no duplications. We believe that eBay has the capacity to implement this suggestion to protect the honest sellers and buyers from being victims of fraud. Very simply, if ticket sellers cannot provide proof that they have the tickets in hand, then they should not be listing them for sale.

Don't take unnecessary risks. Remember, you have been warned at The Nekkid Truth.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

If You are a Victim of an eBay Hijacker

You can only blame yourself! eBay has member education through various tutorials. There is also a warning message on every bid page that says not to make payment via Western Union or Money Gram.

Western Union and Money Gram have web pages dedicated to informing consumers about fraud, and warn you not to send money to people you do not know. If you aren't going to educate yourself and read their warning messages, neither company is going to stop you from using their money transfer services.

Chances are you registered with eBay and did not bother to take the time to take the tutorials or read the Help pages. You probably didn't even visit the eBay Community Message Boards to read the horror stories of other victims. Shame on you for not taking the time to do any of these things. If you had, maybe you would not have given your money away to a thief.

Victims, can you not read or do all of you need to make a visit to an opthamalogist to have your vision checked?



The hijackers are laughing at you, and rightfully so. They haven't robbed you. In fact, you handed each of them your money because you DID NOT educate yourself. Your greed overcame your good judgment!

In the past few months this blog has received email messages from victims that are law enforcement employees, military personnel, lawyers and loan officers - professions where these people do due diligence every day for their occupations, yet they cannot do it for themselves because they are lazy and greedy.

We have received messages from people that have fallen victim to the Nokia N95 and Apple I-Phone scams. You tried to buy merchandise that isn't even out on the market yet. Did you do your research? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Your greed overcame you trying to buy tickets to sporting events. You were so desperate to buy those tickets that you did not do your homework. Now, you will sit at home in front of the television watching the games.

We tell you to only use eBay's "Ask Seller a Question" (ASQ) feature to ask sellers questions and not write to their email addresses or fill out their inquiry forms embedded in the listings. Did you see that the listing you were interested in was in the wrong category? Did you check the eBay member's feedback to see what product lines have been sold in the past? Did you check your My eBay mailbox to see if the invoice was there? Did you listen to our advice? You DID NOT if you became a victim of a hijacker.

So, continue to be a victim. If you don't heed the advice, then we won't have any sympathy for you. There is no cure for stupidity and laziness.

Remember, the hijackers know your weaknesses and are laughing at you as soon as you give them the tracking numbers for Western Union and Money Gram.

Please don't ask us to help you get your money back. You received fake contact information from the hijackers, and they don't need to provide any identification when they pick up your money at Western Union and Money Gram. Collectively, all of you have lost millions of dollars being scammed by eBay hijackers. Unfortunately, your individual losses are not enough for law enforcement to do anything for you. If you write to eBay, you will receive a message back that you entered into an off eBay transaction. You have no recourse.

Team Whack a Hack members volunteer their time to report thousands of fraudulent listings each week to eBay. We do this voluntarily to protect the eBay community. Each hijacker's email address and fake domain is published on this blog within hours, if not minutes of it being discovered.

If you use this blog as a tool you will become aware of the hijackers' email addresses and fake domains. We try to help the eBay community, but we can only publish the information through our research. Our hands are tied, we cannot approach you while you are bidding, as that is considered auction interference and is an eBay violation. Not one member of Team Whack a Hack will put his or her eBay membership in jeopardy to save you if you have bid on fraudulent transactions.

However, if you have not bid and want to know whether a listing is safe to bid on, effective immediately Team Whack a Hack will gladly review one listing for you and provide a second opinion free of charge to make sure that you enter into a safe transaction. After that, we will review up to 3 listings at a time for $5.00. If you want us to review unlimited listings for you for one year, the fee is $25.00. These fees are to be paid to the blog's PayPal account in advance of our review to help defray our operating costs. Paying these nominal fees to us may be the best investment you ever made on eBay. We will give you an honest opinion based on our experiences reading thousands of listings on eBay. If you are too lazy to do the research yourself, we suggest you take us up on our offer. We haven't steered you wrong yet.

Thursday, January 4, 2007 Targets eBay Sellers for Money Mule Employment Scam

Today, an eBay member wrote to the blog inquiring about the company It seems that this bogus company from the Russian Federation is using the IDs usa177, catrin100 and vitelgold on the website Get A and has placed numerous ads looking for eBay members to list items for them.

One of the recent job descriptions says:

Description: We need a Ebay lister person from the following countries:

1) United Stated
2) Canada
3) Australia
4) Singapore
5) United Kingdom
6) France
7) Germany
8) Malaysia
9) Belgium
10) Italy

Please made bids ONLY, if you are from these countries and have Ebay Seller account with no less than 20 feedbacks.

Powersellers with more than 200 feedbacks will be appreciated.

Month salary is 1900$ (USD) will be paid each 2 weeks.

Please made your bids you will be contacted soon!
The registered member only contacts those that bid on the project, and only contacts them by private message through the website. The question is, why would you have to place a bid if the monthly salary is $1900 per month?

And, some comments from members at Get A

Be aware of this person. from Russia and will just go out after getting the money from the sold item on ebay. I personally worked with him once and lost $700.

Best of luck bidders

Really? $1900 per month for just acting as a front, taking people's money and forwarding it to an invisible third party who promises to deliver? Hmmm.

do you need somebody from INDIA also? I am from India and have good hand on ebay working.

I have an ebay account with a 100% rating of 20 people. I am not completely clear on what you are wanting to sell or quanity. Would you clarify? Thanks :)

I have an eBay account with over 300 happy customers in feedback. I live in the USA. I was considering bidding but I am not fully clear what I am bidding for.. can you clarify?

We are in the same position as Jim. What is this about?
Here is how this scam works after an eBay member agrees to work for this low-life fraud,
  1. contacts the eBay member with items that they want listed on eBay.
  2. eBay member creates the listings, sells the items, and collects the money from the winning bidder.
  3. eBay member then contacts with the winning bidder's ship to address and forwards all the money via Western Union, Money Gram, eGold or PayPal to x-sierra.
  4. Winning bidder then follows up after not receiving the item and contacts the eBay member to inquire where the item is.
  5. eBay member contacts, and finds out that absconded with all of the money, including the commission he is owed and the fees due to eBay.
  6. If the winning bidder paid the eBay member via PayPal, he files a complaint with PayPal to obtain his money back, or else files mail fraud charges if he paid by check or money order.
  7. In either case the winning bidder should be successful in obtaining his money back.
  8. The eBay member is out-of-pocket all the money because he's helpless. And, to top it off, he also receives negative feedback and a non-selling seller performance strike.
Here's the registration information for after doing a Who Is look up for these low-lifes:

Check out the website for, and you get a message that the website is disabled.

From the message board, you can find a post from November 2006 claiming that is a scammer.

To top it off, contacted this blog on December 11, 2006 and requested that its email address and domain be removed:

We are from

You included our E-mail in the list on Please remove our E-mail as we never trade on Ebay, as we are located in Russian Federation.

Please also remove our site from your sites list.

P.S. No nobody used our domain name before.

Thank you.

As you can see by searching the list of email addresses and fake domains on this blog, we did not comply with's request. So instead, decided to post another job on Get A

Here's the job description:

Online Fraud database URGENT!

Description: We need to create a special database website which will avoid people from fraud.

One website should be:

1) Professional design

2) Small information about fraud and scams

3) Such option as Search fraud by: Ebay I.D., Yahoo I.D., E-mail, ICQ, MSN e.t.c.

4) Available for people to add a scammer with a proof, after our approvment we will review the this issue and add this to the database.

5) Function of checking the deal how it works: (Customer will pay checking fees for example 1.50$ for Ebay user e.t.c., 3$ - for any online store e.t.c., after it our managers will check the request for fraud and tell to the customer)

6) Function to access the database for 9.99$ per month

7) Live Help

8) Also we need a Windows programm application to manage the site, to add scammers, to review customers requests when they will add a person, also managing all options in the admin panel using Windows programm application. Also such options as who is online now should be in the program.

Terms and Conditions:

Also please be sure that payment will be done once project will be completed. No advanced payment e.t.c. All works will be done on our servers, so we will not check them on your server and have problems with transfering to our's.

If you do not accept our Terms and Conditions DO NOT BID please.

Duh! Thieves that want to compete with The Nekkid Truth blog and make money scamming other innocent people. What do you want to bet that the re-emerging tells everyone that makes an inquiry that each and every eBay seller, whether a hijacker, scammer or not, is upstanding and honest?

Do your homework. Stay away from, otherwise you will get scammed and lose your money to low-life thieves.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

If you emailed an eBay scammer ...


By contacting your 'seller' outside of eBay, you are in danger of being defrauded. The item/s you are interested in do not exist!

Scammers are hijacking eBay IDs all the time and listing thousands of non-existent items every day.

The scammers want you to contact them outside of eBay via an email address shown in the listing. Scammers never want you to use eBay's Ask the Seller a Question feature.

Scammers lure you to 'strike a deal' whereby they give you a fake invoice that looks as if it comes from eBay e.g. or, but it is all bogus. They can do this with any Yahoo! Mail Plus account.

Scammers can even send you to a fake shipping or escrow site where your item is shown to be held. They then want you to pay via Western Union or Money Gram while you think your item is held by a 'trustworthy' third-party. Of course, once payment is made the scam is complete.

Do not be fooled! There is NO buyer protection whatsoever and you will have NO recourse through eBay.

Remember eBay's Marketplace Safety Tip:

Never pay for your eBay item through instant wire transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram. These payment methods are unsafe when paying someone you do not know. The fraudsters rely on you to pay via these unsafe methods so that they can stay anonymous.

I apologize for the 'full on' nature of the warning. Time is of the essence in some cases.

Please do not tip off your scammer as it may stop me getting more warnings out to others.

Stay safe.

A scambuster
and member of Team Whack a Hack

PS ~~ Please be aware that since you have revealed your email address to the thief, in days to come the scammer can send out fake 2nd Chance offers or fake eBay security emails to try and phish YOUR login details. Do not click on ANY links within their emails as they could send you to phishing sites. Always login to eBay from a trusted bookmark and check for the padlocked https:// secure address URL.