Tuesday, January 16, 2007

eBay Sellers that Keyword Spam their Titles

When Team Whack a Hack uses its tools to search for hijackers, we frequently come across listings in the wrong categories or we find keyword spamming. Sometimes this is an honest mistake, and other times it is not. Both are violations of eBay policies and should be reported as violations. However, all members of Team Whack a Hack send an ASQ message to the sellers to let them know of the errors and give the sellers a few hours to cure the problem. Most sellers thank our members for bringing this information to their attention and quickly fix the problem, however, there are some sellers that don't care. And, there are some sellers that repeatedly violate these eBay policies. It is too bad that these sellers have total disregard for eBay policies.

Therefore going forward, The Nekkid Truth will publish the user IDs of every seller that violates these policies and these sellers will also get their 15 minutes of fame because this blog is searchable for both user IDs and email addresses.

By publishing the eBay user IDs here, it is our hope that buyers will avoid buying from eBay sellers that continue to violate eBay policies.

eBay Member IDs that Keyword Spam The Titles of Their Listings & Violate eBay Policies


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