Thursday, January 18, 2007

Believe it or not ... We are Telling You the Truth

We get emails everyday from people asking for our advice. The same questions have been posed to us many times: "Does the email on the blog really belong to a scammer? Is the web site on your blog really fake? If I find the email address/domain on eBay, but I find it on another site, and I enter into a transaction there will I get scammed?"

We always answer these questions politely at first. The short answer is always: "Yes." The long answer is always: "Yes, the reference is on our blog because the email/domain you are inquiring about has a long history of victimizing internet users. Our methods are proven. There is nothing arbitrary about these listings at all. All the information you need is provided on our blog for your protection."

However, sometimes, even with all of the facts we provide there are still some that choose to think WE are deceiving them. They try and provide us with "facts" in an attempt to debunk our proven methods. These "facts" are always scammer methods and these scammer methods are also listed on this blog.

We also have victims who are convinced that we are unfairly posting these emails. Again, our methods are proven. They are fact. The scammer entries on our blog will never come down unless we receive a notarized court order generated by the domain owner. Until that happens, they are there for eternity.

We apologize if these Doubting Thomases think that we are telling untruths. However, if you dig deeper into the blog you will see others attesting to the real facts. If the Doubting Thomases don't believe the information on the blog, why did they write to ask a question? Something led them here because they were having doubts about the transactions they wanted to enter into.

We are sorry that you don't want to believe the truth. That is unfortunate. It is the truth.

The Nekkid Truth

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