Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Check the Categories the Listings are In

Although we have said this repeatedly, many of you still do not have a clue about protecting yourselves on eBay and other auction sites.

Over and over again, while Team Whack a Hack is reporting hijacked accounts, we find eBay members bidding on these fraudulent listings. 95% of the time it is obvious that the account is hijacked. Hijackers list their non-existent items in the WRONG CATEGORIES. They do this to maintain a low profile, because they know that most eBayers search on keywords and not by category. The hijackers know that you are too lazy to look up and see what category the listing is in. You should NEVER bid on an item if it is in the wrong category. Cell phones, electronics, heavy machinery, etc. should not be listed under Clothes, Art, Antiques, or Health and Beauty Aids.

If you can't bother to glance up at the screen to see where the listing is located, then you deserve to get scammed and you deserve to lose your money.

Thieves are not bright people. They list in bulk in hope that the unsuspecting eBayer will not do his homework. But, honestly, who is dumber? Is it the thief or the eBayer that bids on an item that is listed in the wrong category?

Just think about it, and glance up and check and see if the item you are bidding on is in the wrong category. If it is in the wrong category, report it to eBay and don't bid on it. Then hit the back button and find the item you want, but make sure it is in the right category. If you are lazy, then you deserve to get scammed and lose your money. Maybe the next time you might actually follow our advice.


Anon For Everything said...

Hello, I would really like to feature your blog for an entry on my blog about debt. I don't want people making mistakes when they are trying to buy or sell things on eBay, as this is a tool a lot of people use when trying to make money online. What do you think?

The Nekkid Truth said...

We would be more than flattered. However, before you do, could you please write to the email address for our blog - and give us some particulars, especially the URL to your blog. We very well might like to give you a reverse link.

Thank you for making this offer to us.