Sunday, October 1, 2006

Indiana Dad Thoughtlessly puts Daughter at Risk in Order to Obtain Super Bowl Tickets on eBay

Super Bowl XLI
Indianapolis Colts 29 - Chicago Bears 17

And now a sports report ...

My Daddy's a Big Fat IDIOT! He thought it was okay to put my picture and birth certificate in an eBay listing that finally ended on Saturday. The nice people at The Nekkid Truth even told him it wasn't a smart thing to do. But apparently my daddy is dumber than a stump because he wouldn't listen. Yup! My Daddy's a Big Fat IDIOT!

Daddy said that he didn't care what the nice people thought. But you know what Daddy? I CARE! Some bad man might see me now and kidnap me. He knows my name, and yours and Mommy's names. He might very well know where we live. You gave out all of this information just because you had to have tickets to Super Bowl XLI. What's up with that? My safety should be more important to you than football. How come you used my picture and birth certificate to make people feel bad for you just so YOU could get Super Bowl tickets?

And why the hell am I dressed in this stupid football memorabilia outfit anyway? In case you forgot, I'm a LITTLE GIRL, not a big "WE'RE NUMBER ONE HAND!"

This is a picture of a pretty little girl that is a few months shy of her first birthday. She doesn't have a big vocabulary. She is not old enough to protect herself. She is just old enough to take her first steps, she can't even run away. She hasn't been to school yet and she has not been taught to say NO to strangers.

Unfortunately, her dad is not the brightest bulb in the patch. He had the audacity to include her photograph and birth certificate in an eBay listing for Super Bowl tickets. Neither the photograph, nor the birth certificate were pertinent to the listing, other than to show that the dad is a Chicago Bears fan. But, the dad put himself and his family at risk for a whole slew of problems.

First of all, the dad was seeking Super Bowl tickets but went about it the wrong way. Instead of placing a free listing in the Want it Now section of eBay, he put up an auction-style listing on eBay. This is not particularly a good idea, because it is an eBay violation to put up an auction-style listing and not have anything for sale. However, worse than that, is that the dad posted his daughter's picture and birth certificate in the listing. The birth certificate (which is not posted on this blog) states the name of the hospital, the child's name and the birth parents' names. With the information on the birth certificate, it took about 3 minutes to find the family's home address and telephone number. By the dad putting this information out on eBay he opens himself up to trouble.

Unfortunately the dad isn't bright enough to be aware that there are all types of predators that lurk on the Internet. He is unaware that in his stupidity he exposes his daughter to being abducted. Does he care? Not at all. All this man was interested in was obtaining Super Bowl tickets at any cost, including jeopardizing his daughter's safety.

The dad doesn't seem to see that he made a mistake. He is too selfish and ignorant to understand that pictures can be copied and posted anywhere. The above picture was copied right out of the dad's eBay listing and then altered for the blog. People like this dad should be forced to take an aptitude test before they can procreate.

Feel free to email this stupid parent and let him know your opinion. Tell him that you are outraged. The dad exposed his email address in his eBay listing, so there should be no problem providing it to our readers either. You may contact the dad at this email address:

Your children's privacy and safety are much more important than obtaining tickets to any sporting event. Keep their pictures off of the Internet. Keep them safe. Do not put information in your online auction listings that allow people to find out where you live with minimal effort. Protect your children from predators. For further information on how to keep your children safe, read the FBI's Educational Pages on child abduction and the Online Safety Pages.

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