Friday, April 20, 2007

eBay/Live World 'Pinks' Member for Signature Violation Leading to Me Page Links

I received a "pink" notice from eBay's Moderation Team (Live World) for a signature violation, that directs readers to my Me Page which has two links on it. One link goes directly to this blog and the other to a message board. Funny thing, but the signature I post with on eBay message boards has been the same for months and says:

Ask me for a list of hackers email addresses found in eBay listings.
Please click on my ME Page for further information.

I have never been cited for this specific violation before, but Live World decided to cite me today. The thread that I posted to is entitled Town Hall Meeting on April 30th - Topic is Trust & Safety, but what is most amusing is that I initiated that thread on April 18th with the same signature, but the thread still exists, as do my other posts, again with the same signature. I have to wonder why eBay doesn't feel that my first post on the subject thread, or any other of my posts that still appear aren't board violations.

Post #62 was deleted by Live World. I wrote:

k!ssoff (Private) View Listings | Report Apr-20-07 06:59 PDT
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There was no logical reason to block access or purge the thread for the last Town Hall Meeting. The only reason that I can come up with is for the same reason that a recent thread was locked and we were referred to a policy and another community message board.

However, I did copy many of the questions from that thread if they related to T&S and they can be found on my blog. To find the blog, please follow the link on my Me Page.

It is grossly apparent that eBay does not want certain topics discussed on its boards. It appears that we will have to abide by its decision otherwise those that violate the eBay rules will be reprimanded and sanctioned. However, here are other forums where these discussions can take place off of eBay.

Ask me for a list of hackers email addresses found in eBay listings.
Please click on my ME Page for further information.
Live World responded via email:
In order for the community forums, which are based on the eBay Community Values, to be a place where all members can feel comfortable interacting with each other, there are certain types of posts that we have to remove if reported to us. The guidelines for posting in the forums are defined in the Board Usage Policy. Your post was specifically removed for the following reason:

Advertising merchandise, auctions, services or commercial Web sites, including offers to trade, "wanted" posts, or charitable solicitations. For clarification of this policy, please visit this page:

We understand that most posts that are removed were not intentional violations. Please take a moment to review the Board Usage Policy and policy explanations via the following URLs for clarification about the types of posts that we do allow:

Again, we value your participation in the forums, and we appreciate your support.

eBay Moderation Team
The truth is that eBay used this lame excuse to delete my post because it was in response to the last thread that was created for eBay's March Town Hall Meeting. It was recently discovered that the thread from March cannot be accessed ~~ eBay must be hiding something. I happened to copy many of the questions that appeared on that thread, which appear in a blog entry below dated April 3, 2007. Obviously, eBay doesn't want anyone reading those questions, thus the pink slap that I received.

Keep it up eBay! I am critical and vocal, I document everything, and eBay members do read this blog.

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