Thursday, April 5, 2007

Scammer Contact Information Featured in eBay Listings

Caveat emptor! Buyer beware!

Do these images and email addresses look familiar to you?

These are examples of actual jpeg images frequently found in current eBay listings. The primary reason thieves use them is to fly under the radar of scam hunters that search for the email addresses. Images such as jpeg cannot be found with eBay's search function.

The email addresses above are most likely owned by the same thief that is currently listing bogus Disney Hopper and sports event tickets.

If you see images in listings like the ones above make sure that you report the listings to eBay. You will frequently find that the listings are in the wrong categories. Do not bid on the listings or make contact with the email addresses. The eBay accounts have been hacked by thieves offering bogus items that you will never receive.

Remember, a thief does not have a conscience. All he wants to do is rob you of your hard earned money. A fool and his money are easily parted ... do not become a fool and be enticed to enter into a transaction that is too good to be true!

eBay refuses to be proactive and won't get rid of these thieves on its own. It is the most unsafe marketplace on the Internet. Object to eBay's laziness and blatant unwillingness to protect its members from thieves. Do not transact any business on eBay.

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